Cacti可以跟据自己的需要来定制图形,比如说你想监控远程一台web(squid)机器的打开页面的速度如何,或者自定义/usr/local/squid/bin/squidclient -p 80 mgr:info的信息时,可以很自由地大展身手。 /usr/local/squid/bin/squidclient -p 80 mgr:info 我们可以获取大概这么多的信息: Squid Object Cache: Version 2.7.STABLE5 Start Time:     Tue, 06 Apr 2010 13:05:16 GMT Current Time:   Wed, 07 Apr 2010 07:54:25 GMT Connection information for squid:         Number of clients accessing cache:      28013         Number of HTTP requests received:       12921285         Number of ICP messages received:        0         Number of ICP messages sent:    0         Number of queued ICP replies:   0         Request failure ratio:   0.00         Average HTTP requests per minute since start:   11443.3         Average ICP messages per minute since start:    0.0         Select loop called: 63269905 times, 1.071 ms avg Cache information for squid:         Request Hit Ratios:     5min: 92.9%, 60min: 92.3%         Byte Hit Ratios:        5min: 68.0%, 60min: 69.3%         Request Memory Hit Ratios:      5min: 64.9%, 60min: 63.2%         Request Disk Hit Ratios:        5min: 0.1%, 60min: 0.2%         Storage Swap size:      4264052 KB         Storage Mem size:       803608 KB         Mean Object Size:       44.59 KB         Requests given to unlinkd:      0 Median Service Times (seconds)  5 min    60 min:         HTTP Requests (All):   0.00091  0.00091         Cache Misses:          0.08265  0.02742         Cache Hits:            0.00000  0.00000         Near Hits:             0.00562  0.00562         Not-Modified Replies:  0.00000  0.00000         DNS Lookups:           1.96483  1.96483         ICP Queries:           0.00000  0.00000 Resource usage for squid:         UP Time:        67749.459 seconds         CPU Time:       4082.432 seconds         CPU Usage:      6.03%         CPU Usage, 5 minute avg:        9.89%         CPU Usage, 60 minute avg:       9.83%         Process Data Segment Size via sbrk(): 994496 KB         Maximum Resident Size: 0 KB         Page faults with physical i/o: 0 Memory usage for squid via mallinfo():         Total space in arena:  994496 KB         Ordinary blocks:       915646 KB  35590 blks         Small blocks:               0 KB      0 blks         Holding blocks:         16924 KB      3 blks         Free Small blocks:          0 KB         Free Ordinary blocks:   78849 KB         Total in use:          932570 KB 92%         Total free:             78849 KB 8%         Total size:            1011420 KB Memory accounted for:         Total accounted:       892249 KB         memPoolAlloc calls: 975833131         memPoolFree calls: 974218783 File descriptor usage for squid:         Maximum number of file descriptors:   60000         Largest file desc currently in use:   6739         Number of file desc currently in use: 5897         Files queued for open:                   0         Available number of file descriptors: 54103         Reserved number of file descriptors:   100         Store Disk files open:                   7         IO loop method:                     epoll Internal Data Structures:         109848 StoreEntries          60207 StoreEntries with MemObjects          60153 Hot Object Cache Items          95630 on-disk objects   比如你对Request Hit Ratios(请求命中率)感兴趣,你可以可以绘制出如下的图形。 1.要启用squid的snmp功能,所以需要在编译的时候,启用—enable-snmp 2.配置 squid.conf 添加: acl ADMIN src acl SNMP snmp_community   xxxxxx snmp_access allow SNMP ADMIN snmp_access deny  all 3.配置 /etc/snmpd.conf 添加: proxy -v 1 -c xxxxx . 4.然后通对过人肉对比,可以得到: Byte  Hit Ratio对应的snmpd 的OID是:.   5.创建数据模板(Data Templates): 因为这里snmp获取的数据,所以就选取通过snmp来获取值,下文将讲如何通过脚本来获取值。 如下图: 6.创建图形模板:(Graph Templates)   7.修改每个模板项目,如下图: "Data Source " 就选刚才创建的数据来源 8.然后就在需要创建图形的主机上添加刚才这个图形模板就可以了。 我把这个模板上传到这里,你可以直接导入到你的cacti里,然后仔细查看了。 如果说我要创建的图形是无法通过snmp获取的呢? 请听下回分解。

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